Hey Nebraska Schools: Rev Up Your Breakfast Programs with Funds & Resources

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, particularly for students.  Research shows breakfast eaters tend to experience increased physical energy, improved attendance, higher math and reading scores, increased creativity, increased memory and overall better mood. And that’s reason enough for Nebraska to issue a statewide challenge to its schools.
The goals of the two-year Nebraska Breakfast Challenge, which was recently kicked off, is to encourage schools to implement a School Breakfast Program if they currently do not offer one and increase school breakfast participation in existing School Breakfast Programs. Schools that increase breakfast participation by 35% or more will be showcased on the honor role list on the Nebraska Department of Education website.
Midwest Dairy Council and Fuel Up to Play 60 are proud to be partners in this statewide effort.  Fuel Up to Play 60 can provide up to $4,000 per year to any qualifying K-12 school enrolled in the program to help your school jumpstart and sustain healthy nutrition (including school breakfast programs) and physical activity improvements. To learn more about the funding and resources opportunities available as part of the Nebraska Breakfast Challenge, click here.

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