Got Fuel Up to Play 60 Ideas?

Are you looking for more ways to get your school involved in Fuel Up to Play 60 this year? Here are a few examples of what schools around the Midwest and throughout the country are doing to engage students in the program:

• Fuel Up to Play 60 Obstacle Course: Design and build an obstacle course featuring an agility ladder, hockey or soccer goal shot, basketball dribble, or other activity. Organize individual and team contests, and reward winners with Fuel Up to Play 60 merchandise.

• Fuel Up to Play 60 Fitness Trail: Set up stations along a walking path outside of school with alternating fitness challenges and healthy refreshment stations. Hand out Fuel Up to Play 60 prizes for each student as they cross the finish line.

• Classroom Challenges: Have healthy food and fitness competitions between grade levels or classes. Options include nutrition trivia challenges, healthy eating at school, fitness journals, or junk food trade-ins for healthier options. Create charts to track progress and compare teams to add to the friendly competition.

Theme Months: Examples include “Fitness February” or “Brainy Breakfast Month,” where teachers track how much time is spent on physical activity or how often their students eat breakfast at school. The class with the highest percentage receives a special VIP breakfast or lunch featuring healthy foods or a taste testing.

• Fuel Up to Play 60 “Olympic Week”: Each day features a color from the Olympic rings (blue, yellow, black, green and red). Students wear corresponding clothes, eat corresponding snacks (like blueberries, cheese, blackberries, broccoli, strawberries), and participate in corresponding activities.

Before School Activities: Coordinate activities that encourage students to get up and move before school, like walking and running clubs, fitness clubs, or Zumba classes.

• Tailgate Parties: Host tailgate parties before home football games. Offer healthy food options, including fruits, portable yogurt tubes (frozen or thawed), cheese and lean sausage with crackers, frozen yogurt, and milk. Play bean bag toss, ladder ball and other fun tailgating games.

• Family Fun Nights: Organize Family Fun Nights in partnership with parent-teacher or parent-teacher-student associations. Activities could include X-Box line dancing games, obstacle courses, parent/child competitions, Zumba parties, bounce houses and frozen yogurt socials.

• Fuel Up to Play 60 Tables: Host Fuel Up to Play 60 informational display tables at school events like home football games, parent/teacher conferences, book fairs, or open houses.

• “Punt, Pass and Kick” Assembly: Have students wear their favorite NFL player jerseys, participate in football drills and learn about eating healthy.

Grab-and-Go Breakfasts: Partner with school nutrition staff to develop an accessible breakfast item that students can easily grab before class starts. Fueling up early can improve student focus and participation in academics and physical activity.

• Healthy Home Room and Walking Rally: Set-up an all-school walk to launch six weeks of offering healthy snacks during home period. Also give students “Stay Active – Eat Healthy” wristbands to remind them to eat healthy during those six weeks.

For more inspiration and ideas, please visit the Fuel Up to Play 60 playbook, or search this list of success stories. Good luck as you work to spread the word about the program in your school this year! No matter which initiatives you choose to incorporate into your plans, be sure to spread the word about your events to other teachers and parents through e-newsletters, school newspapers and social media.

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