Enter the Activity Scavenger Hunt Challenge for a chance to welcome an NFL player to your school!

Do you know creative students with a lot of energy? Fuel Up to Play 60 would like to see how they get their 60 minutes of daily play in the Activity Scavenger Hunt Challenge, running now until May 3!

Encourage your students to grab some friends, complete five of the ten activities listed in the Challenge guidelines, and capture it all in pictures. Then, submit the photos of each activity using the Challenge template, for a chance to receive a school visit from an NFL player!

The scavenger hunt activities are fun and easy, such as “run a piggyback, wheelbarrow, or three-legged race with your friends,” and “challenge your favorite teacher or school principal to a push-up contest.” Many of the activities are things that students are already doing, like throwing a football around with friends, or going on a walk or bike ride with their family. There is also a chance for students to get creative and submit their own fun activity!

Research has shown that healthy eating and increased physical activity can help students do better in school. Participating in the Activity Scavenger Hunt Challenge is a great way for students to get active so they can be at their best in the classroom, and have fun while they’re at it!

Be creative, keep it clean, be safe and have fun, but hurry – the contest closes May 3!

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