Aroma Park School in Illinois Awarded Visit from “Big Cat” for Their Physical Activity Challenge Success

Aroma Park Primary School in Kankakee was the winner of the spring Fuel Up to Play 60 Physical Activity Challenge for Illinois, and as a result, they were rewarded with a visit by Chicago Bears alumni player James “Big Cat” Williams to their school. Big Cat congratulated the students on their progress, reminded them to stay active and eat healthy over the summer, and then joined them on a wellness walk. Students enjoyed ice-cold white or chocolate milk following their walk.
The school’s Challenge video illustrated how students can stay active indoors even in inclement weather through their participation in indoor recess or classroom yoga. Fuel Up to Play 60 program advisor Scott Diesing commented, “We see our students asking even on sunny and warm days to go to the fitness center for their exercise break.”
The school also has implemented Healthy Eating Plays, including milk mustache days, taste tests and In the Hot Seat – a specially designated ‘bistro’ seating area for students that is earned by trying new healthy food choices such as spinach, yogurt-based dips for veggies and drinking all their milk at lunch and breakfast. The school nutrition department has been instrumental in working with the Fuel Up to Play 60 team on new healthy menu items. “At this young age, we are making a positive impact on their habits that will help for the rest of their lives,” said Diesing.
Additionally, Big Cat
met with the Fuel Up to Play 60 student team and gave each student an autographed certificate of their participation in serving as role models to their peers when it comes to modeling good behavior and making healthy choices. Many of these team members plan to start Fuel Up to Play 60 when moving on to a new school next year. Learn more here.

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