An Interview with Minnesota’s Fuel Up to Play 60 State Ambassador

Recently, we caught up with Minnesota’s Fuel Up to Play 60 State Ambassador Kylie Kasprick, a 6th grader at Elm Creek Elementary in Maple Grove. She filled us in on what she has been up to these last few months (note: it’s a lot!)

Q:   We understand you just got back from Washington D.C. What was that trip for, what did you do there, and what did you learn?

A:    I had so much fun in D.C.! I was there for a GENYOUth Foundation round table discussion. I met with a few other Fuel Up to Play 60 student ambassadors from across the country, business leaders, and government officials. We talked about how we can spread the word about good nutrition, fighting childhood obesity, and helping kids stay active for 60 minutes a day. I also talked with the other students about what they are doing in their schools for Fuel Up to Play 60. I learned a lot!

Q:   What sort of things have you been doing at your school for Fuel Up to Play 60?

A:    Our wellness team meets once a month. We are split into two groups – the Online Group, and the Recess Group – that’s the one I am in. The Online Group creates nutrition fun facts for the Elm Creek website, and the Recess Group put together a fitness barrel that has jump ropes, balls and other fun stuff. The fitness barrel was our prize for winning the Cooking Challenge last year. We also plan on participating in the Scavenger Hunt Challenge this year.

Q:   What do you think has been the most successful thing you have done this year to get your classmates excited about eating right and getting active?

A:    The smoothie taste tests get the students really pumped up! We got a smoothie machine with grant money, and we’ve used it a couple times this year as a treat. One flavor we voted on to make was blueberry-spinach. The blueberries hide the taste of the spinach, but you are still getting all the nutrients, and it tastes really good! We have also tried peach and a few other flavors.  The students love them!

Q:   What was your favorite thing you have done so far as a student ambassador?

A:    Going to the Minnesota Vikings game with my dad, and being on TV, twice!

Q:   You made some videos this fall with Coach Frazier of the Minnesota Vikings, what was that like?

A:    Coach Frazier is really nice! It was awesome to see Winter Park, and check out where the Vikings practice. Taping the video was fun. It was a little different than live TV – they can reshoot if you make a mistake!  It was really cool to see the final video.

Q:   What advice would you offer to anyone who’s thinking about becoming a local, state or national Fuel Up to Play 60 ambassador?

A:    Do your research before you apply – know what Fuel Up to Play 60 is and what being an ambassador will involve. Also, be prepared to have a lot of fun – because it’s a BLAST!

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