Hultberg and Hinman at Harriet Bishop in Minnesota Equal a Winning Program Advisor Team

Minnesota Fuel Up to Play 60 Program Advisors of the Year

From L to R: Viktor the Viking, Annalisa Hultberg, Lisa McCann, Jenny Hinman, Princess Kay of the Milky Way and Matt Blair

Fuel Up to Play 60 Co-Program Advisors of the Year for Minnesota, Annalisa Hultberg and Jenny Hinman, were recognized for their successes at Harriet Bishop Elementary in Savage. They were among several winning Program Advisor “teams,” proving that collaboration can be a successful strategy when implementing Fuel Up to Play 60. Students at Harriet Bishop started an after-school dance troupe, which attracts about 60 participants in grades 2-6. The school also hosts a healthy cooking show during morning announcements. They even coordinate grade-level challenges for students to record their daily physical activity and healthy eating. Congrats to this winning program advisor team!

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