4 Schools Named Winners in Healthy School Makeover Contest

Midwest Dairy Council and Cass-Clay Creamery announced four schools as winners of the Fuel Up to Play 60 “Show Your Spirit” Challenge, culminating the inaugral Healthy School Makeover Contest.  Congratulations are in order for Ellen Hopkins Elementary in Moorhead, MN, and Midway Public Schools in Inkster, ND, each of which received a grand prize of $3,000.  North Plains Elementary in Minot AFB, ND and Montpelier Public School in Montpelier, ND each were awarded $2,000.  Winning schools were selected based on their video entries in the fourth Fuel Up to Play 60 Challenge of the 2010-11 school year, where health-minded students created a video, song, commercial or cheer that inspired their fellow students to get involved in making their school a healthier place. The schools will use the funds for physical fitness equipment and food service upgrades.  To learn more and to watch the winning video entries, click here.

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